Home Loan

Submit an application with a lender (Mortgage Company) to find out how much you can afford to purchase before you start. Our experience.

Home Inspection

Paid for by the buyer (typically).  Schedule online once you have a contract that has been signed by all parties.Our Reviews.

Termite Inspection

Paid for by the seller (typically). Scheduled after a contract is signed by all parties, to be done within 30 days of closing. Our Experience.


Paid for by the seller (typically).  Scheduled by the seller once a contract is signed by all parties. Time Sensitive.


Home Owners Association documents are to be ordered by the seller once a contract is signed by all parties. Time Sensitive.

Radon Inspection

Radon is a gas emitted by rocks under the ground. Levels need to be below EPA Standards of 4pCi/L. Time Sensitive.


Paid for by the buyer. Once under contract, the buyer will pay up front to get the appraisal ordered from their lender. Our experience with them.


Paid for by the buyer. Once Under contract a survey is ordered by the title company at the request of the buyer.

Home Insurance

Paid for by the buyer. Before closing lenders will request a home owners insurance quote for your new home. Consider bundling with auto ins.


Whether you need a local mover to help you load / unload or planning a full service or long distance move. Link to our experience.

Handy Man

Fixing and repairing items around the house can be annoying.  Hiring a licensed professional who can come in and assist is so important.

Major Renovations

Looking to renovate a bathroom, kitchen, basement, new flooring, paint, cabinets or more? Link to our experience with them.


When you need a plumber, responsiveness and professionalism is paramount, our clients are always giving feedback on who they use.


Troubleshooting your heating and air conditioning in a time of need or when you need a new system installed, call the best.

Junk Removal

Need to remove unwanted items from your home including appliances, furniture, trash inside or out, Link to our experience.

Title Company

Most buyers and sellers never think about a title company until they need to purchase or sell a home, business or do a quick claim deed. See our experience and recommendation here.

Bankruptcy Attorney

When you need the best, take a recommedation don't just pick from the internet. It's your livelihood at stake. Link to our experience.

Utility Connect Concierge

The last thing you want to do when you purchase a home is scramble to figure out which utility to connect before you move in.

Roof (25yr)

When you need a roof, whether you are renovating or just low on funds, but need the best and more affordable this is it! Here is our expeirence.

Roof (50yr)

When you need a roof, and you plan to be in your property for years to come, a long term rental or just want the best this is it. Here is our experience.


Don't like to paint? but need it done by a professional who is super affordable, quick, excellent work, you found them. Let the professionals do the work, you get to relax.

Infrared Inspection

Infrared inspections are used to find faulty insulation, infestations on walls, moisture issues in your home, attic, basement & behind walls. Also for air leakeage causing high utility bills.

HERS Energy Rating (homeowner)

A standard to measure a home's energy efficiency, and in time, save money on electricity bills. For resale and new construction. Read the blog about this process.

HERS Energy Rating (builders)

A standard to measure a home's energy efficiency, and in time, save money on electricity bills. As a builder moving forward, this is going to be a standard requirement of the Dept. of Energy.

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