home selling

Selling a home...

On The Open Market

  • ​Full Service With An Agent
  • ​30-90 Days To Close
  • ​Potential For Bidding Wars
  • Access To Local Market Expertise
  • ​Low Stress With Dedicated Guide
  • ​Top Negotiators On Your Side

Get A Cash Offer

  • ​Multiple offers in seconds
  • ​Moving date with certainty
  • ​Close in 14 days
  • ​Skip showings & repairs
  • ​Get cash to buy your next home
  • ​Eliminate double mortgages

Sell Now, Move Later

  • ​Transitional way to move
  • ​When building a new home
  • ​When relocating for work
  • ​Want to access home equity
  • ​Time to build up your credit
  • ​Rent for up to 12 months

Renovate  First Then Sell

  • ​Fix it then list it
  • ​Zero due until closing
  • ​Sell for more
  • ​Help with renovating
  • ​Receive cash now + profit

Sell Home As NFT

  • ​Sell your home faster
  • ​Same day transaction recording
  • ​Accept Cash or Crypto
  • ​Utilize blockchain technology
  • ​Secure closing

Help Me Decide

  • ​Still deciding on your timeframe
  • ​Want a cost analysis first
  • ​Thinking of selling yourself
  • ​Selling for a family member
  • ​Need to talk on the phone

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home value

Home Pricing Strategy

home pricing.png

Pricing properly and determing the fair market value takes into considering location, renovations, curb appeal, community, amenities, current market conditions and what a buyer has been willing to pay in the last 30-60 days for homes of similar size and location.


prepare your home

Before You List Your Home

prepare for sale.png

Before you put your home on the market, there are five things that every seller should do to increase the value of their home instantly. Home buyers make a decision to purchase within 90 seconds of walking UP to and INTO a home, here is how to impress the pickiest buyer.


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